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Trojan EV Lineup

Excellence In transportation, for the golf course and beyond

The Trojan EV lineup is personal transportation reimagined. Drawing from years of experience and some of the best, most creative minds in the industry, we took the industry standard in golf carts and raised the level to create imaginative, high-performing, user-focused transportation solutions that work just as well on the course as they do off the course. The Trojan EV lineup includes carts for every budget and passenger configuration, with features offered as standard that most of the other cart makers can only dream of.


Trojan EV vehicles hand you smooth, effortless, silent, zero-emission speed. With a top speed of 25 miles per hour, Trojan EVs get you where you are going faster. How fast? Trojan EVs are up to twice as fast as standard electric golf carts from just a few years ago, meaning long-distance trips can be handled with joy and satisfaction.  Are you considering replacing one of your older golf carts with outdated DC motors but were scared off by the high costs and reliability issues? Then it’s time you considered Trojan EV. Paired with our great range, nothing is impossible with Trojan EV. 

AC Drive Power

Powerful, dependable, exciting. Trojan EV’s AC 6.7HP 5kW AC motor is one of the most powerful and durable you can buy today. Enjoy inexpensive charging and rock-bottom maintenance and upkeep costs. Feel the thrill of instant acceleration, plus increased torque and climbing ability. Navigate adverse terrain with ease and know that our 6.7HP 5kW AC motor will increase the overall efficiency of your cart, as well as noticeable improvements in range, battery life, and performance (speed & torque).

Standard Features

No one gives you more standard features on electric golf carts than Trojan EV! Every cart in the Trojan EV lineup comes with standard features to ensure a safe, enjoyable, exciting ride. Standard equipment includes:

Street Legal Ready*

25 mph

Four to Six-Person Seating

6.7 Horsepower Engine

Rear Flip Seat With Cooler

5KW AC Motor


400 AMP Controller

Battery level

Aluminum Chassis

Headlights and Tail lights

USB Charging Port

Brake Lights

DOT Windsheild

Street Legal Turn Signals


3 Point Harness Seat Belts

Large tires that handle any terrain

Extended long top roof for shade and comfort

High ground clearance to take on any terrain

Side Mirrors

LCD Display Dash

Backup Camera

12 Digit Vin Number | 12 Digit Serial Number

License Plate Bracket with Lights

Sound System Bluetooth

On Board Smart Charger

Safety Grab Bar

Center Extra Wide rear View Mirrors

*Rules & regulations may vary by City and State. 


The industry’s best safety features are built into every Trojan EV. Whether you are out for an afternoon joyride or hard at work, our safety features mean you can enjoy more and worry less. Each and every Trojan EV comes with headlights, tail lights, brake lights, turn signals, clear shatter-resistant windshield glass, a horn, and restraints for every seat. The low center of gravity makes tipping less likely, and powerful, fade-free brakes ensure a steady stop. No matter the job or the drive, the full Trojan EV lineup offers a secure and comfortable journey ahead.

Street Legal Ready

With the Trojan EV, public roads are an open invitation, not something to be avoided. The wide range of stock features on all Trojan EV electric carts means these vehicles meet the requirements for street legal golf carts, or low-speed electric vehicles, in many cities, towns, and counties. This means you get the convenience of trips around town and the built-in safety of items like running lights, headlights, three-point seat belts, rearview mirrors, turn signals, and speeds that mean you keep up with traffic. Note: *Rules & regulations may vary by City and State. 

Where can you go? Nearly every state allows low-speed vehicles on public roads where the speed limit is 35 or less. Not sure what the rules are where you live? Drop us a line and we’ll help you figure it out. The open road is yours!

Adaptable to Any Use You Have in Mind

Our full line of Trojan EVs are made with golf in mind, but adaptable to a huge variety of tasks, challenges, and situations. Trojan EVs are perfect for:

Personal use golfing

Golfing fleets

Turf utility

All-terrain adventuring

Utility work

Grounds maintenance

Property maintenance

Hotel housekeeping

Delivery services

Facility maintenance and upkeep

Resort services

Street-legal transportation alternatives

Sports arena medical response

Security patrols

Personal transport

Facility maintenance and upkeep


Head across town or out for a full day on the greens knowing you’ll have power for the journey. Our battery packs provide excellent runtime on a single charge and longevity that means your Trojan EV will be a dependable companion for years to come.