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We Set a New Standard for Golf Carts and Personal Mobility Vehicles

We set out to create a new standard for golf carts and personal mobility vehicles — carts and vehicles which can stand up to daily use, meet and exceed industry-leading performance standards, offer a full suite of safety features, and which provide segment-leading standard features that blow the competition away.

Our focus on quiet, zero-emission vehicles means you now have the ability to purchase affordable electric vehicles that can do almost anything. Take them to the golf course, run errands, roam your property, take control of work and construction sites, move between projects and tasks with ease, and do it all in fun, comfort, and style.

Our vehicles come equipped for a safe, enjoyable, exciting ride. Standard features include:

*Rules & Regulations May Vary By City and State. 

Only Trojan EV can give you a list of standard features this long!

Built For Customization

As golf cart enthusiasts, we wanted to make sure our carts were easily customizable and fit with all of the most popular bolt-on parts. Here are just a few:

*Any modifications made to the carts NOT done by an authorized Dealer VOIDS the warranty.

*MADJAX, MJFX, DoubleTake, Rhox, and other part names are the respective property of that company and have no affiliations with Trojan EV. Mentions of third-party name(s) or products are not affiliated with Trojan EV, nor are endorsed from or by the third-party company.

Are you a vendor or distributor interested in selling the best-made, highest-quality electric golf carts in America? We love to partner with forward-thinking sellers and shops and look forward to creating lasting, beneficial relationships. Contact us today — we would love to talk to you!