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Better Design, Better Features, & More Fun.

Trojan EV Electric Golf Carts: The New Standard for Personal Mobility No Matter Where You Are Going

We made Trojan EV electric golf carts with one goal in mind: To manufacture the best-performing, safest, most durable, and most enjoyable street-legal electric vehicle ever sold in the United States.

We know there are plenty of other electric golf carts to choose from on the market, but none match the price, value, features, safety, and enjoyment that you get from Trojan EV.

From the most powerful standard powertrain in its class to a long list of safety features that make it street legal almost everywhere in America to a dizzying selection of included features that most other golf cart makers only offer as add-ons and options, we truly believe Trojan EV carts are the best money can buy no matter what your budget is.

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We’re Launching a Revolution. Come be a part of it.

As the first truly modern electric golf cart company in America, Trojan EV is changing the way people live, work, and play in every corner of the country. This change starts with our commitment to the best-imagined, best-built, and best-engineered electric golf carts on the market. Then, we built on that, creating electric carts with the features customers expect and many they didn’t, including precision-engineered bodies and high-tech features. Then we powered it with the best, strongest, most dependable, and longest-lasting 6.7HP 5KW AC motor on the market.

Now, we are making Trojan EV electric golf carts available to the public with our unique commitment to durable quality, lasting enjoyment, boundless adventure, customer satisfaction, and zero-emission enjoyment.

We’re launching a revolution. Come be a part of it.